Who we work with

We support as many partners as possible on their R&D journey to help them decarbonise industries around the world.   If you are interested in exploring an R&D programme with us please contact us on info@incredible-husk.com and one of the team will be in touch.

Manufacturers and retailers

Our product gives you a simple switch and replace alternative to unsustainable materials, including plastics and bioplastics. We are already working with many global brands to provide a more sustainable future.  If you’re interested in developing and offering products that respect and nourish the planet and that your customers will love, get in touch to find out more.

Academia and research

We are continually exploring new ways to expand and improve our products, and to find new uses for them. Working with academic and research partners all over the world, we adapt to fit new purposes and replace environmentally harmful products. If you can help us reduce the emissions, energy and natural resources needed to create products that offer a real, viable alternative to unsustainable materials, please get in touch. We’d love to know more.

Waste managers

Part of our mission is to tackle and ultimately eradicate the world’s waste plastic problem. That means working with waste and recycling businesses to collect and reuse waste plastics that can’t currently be recycled. It means reducing recycling costs, landfill levies and environmental taxes. It also means creating the infrastructure we need to recycle our own products again and again, keeping them out of the ecosystem and creating a sustainable value chain. If you’d like to explore the new routes to revenue we can open for you, get in touch.

Agriculturalists and farmers

We support the management, collection and transportation of waste agricultural products and turn them from a costly and cumbersome environmental hazard into a new income stream for the businesses that produce them. If you’d like to talk to us about your rice, corn or wheat husk waste, we’ll be happy to tell you more. Just get in touch.

Supporters and investors

You don’t have to be a researcher, manufacturer, retailer, academic, waste manager or farmer to help us reach our environmental goals. You can support us as an industry ambassador, a political advocate, an educator or a communicator. You can contribute financially by investing in research and development, or in a business that uses or wants to convert to our products.  If you’d like to help us share our message, or support us as we find new alternatives to environmentally-harmful materials and reduce the world’s plastic problem, let’s talk. Here’s how to get in touch.