Our commitments

Committed to our ethics

We believe the future lies in true collaboration between research, industry and sustainability. That’s why we enter into every partnership openly, transparently and with integrity. We’re clear about our principles and our code of ethics, and we actively help others to live up to them.

Everyone at Incredible HuskTM, from our factory floors to our corporate headquarters, understands those principles and abides by them. In turn, we provide the highest standards of employee care and fair, transparent and achievable career structures.

We actively look for and recruit the people who will support our goals. Students and emerging product designers. Academics, research groups, companies and manufacturers. Recycling and waste management experts and businesses. Agronomists and governments at local, national and international levels. In short, any person or business we can help to reduce their negative impact on the world.

Code of Ethics

Committed to our products

Every product made from our materials has a zero carbon footprint. In fact, those made from Incredible Husk™ are carbon negative, 100% natural and fully biodegradable. Husk Plus™ allows waste plastic to be repurposed into high performing alternative for, all unsustainable materials – not just plastics and bioplastics, but also timber, ceramics and construction materials, protecting the world’s natural resources.

Our manufacturing partners are certified, quality assured and rigorously monitored through our Business Assurance Management System to protect our eco ethos and credentials. It means every product made with our material is guaranteed to meet our exacting standards, and to enhance and protect our environment.

Committed to our planet

Incredible Husk™ products are created from a plentiful and sustainable man-made resource found all over the world, and from blending our base materials with waste plastics. That means we don’t deplete limited natural resources in their creation.

We reduce emissions from manufacture and recycling processes, prevent large-scale burning of waste, divert mountains of plastic from our oceans and landfills and reprocess waste materials responsibly.

Our operations are designed to be carbon neutral as a minimum standard, and in fact we aim always to be carbon negative. What’s more, we expect the people we work with to adhere to those same standards.

At the end of their useful lives, Incredible Husk™ products can be crushed into an organic fertiliser to feed new crop growth.