Incredible Husk International has one simple mission: to respect and protect this planet, its inhabitants and its natural resources.

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Fighting climate change 

Husk is a by-product of agriculture and entirely sustainable, requiring no additional energy, resources or land to produce. More than 90 per cent of it is burned, creating toxic fumes that pollute the air we breathe and impact on climate change.

Our patented binding process converts husk into the world’s only truly biodegradable, zero carbon alternative to all unsustainable materials, including plastics and bioplastics.

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Cleaning up plastic waste

What’s more, our natural binding recipes can turn existing plastic waste into a valuable resource, without adding toxic chemicals or creating carbon emissions. It allows the effective and — importantly — zero carbon recycling our world so desperately needs.

Which means we help to reduce climate change, protect our ecosystems and improve people’s health.

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Driving innovation

We are Green World Awards winners for Environmental Development and Environmental Sustainability in the the global campaign to find the world’s greenest countries, companies and communities.

But we don’t simply aim to win awards. Being environmentally aware and responsible is reflected in everything we are and everything we do.

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